Athlete fan pages on MAKEACHAMP allow them to create really nice blog-updates and automatically email it to all their supporters and fans - these include all the people that ever contributed to an athlete's campaign. Some athlete blog post updates on their MAKEACHAMP crowdfunding campaigns end up going viral, while others do not. We wanted to find out what makes the 'perfect' update to help athletes gain exposure for sponsorship opportunities or reach their crowdfunding campaigns goals.

Here are some of the things that we found out:

1. Provide Value

Your supporters are bombarded by content every day. You should try to share content that provides value to your readers. The first value that you provide is sharing your story but that is just the beginning of your opportunity to provide value. Here are a couple of ideas:

- Share videos from your training and competitions

- Share the difficulties that youve had and how youve overcome them.

- Share some achievement and how youve managed to succeed.

- Share interesting stories about your journey

- Share how you motivate yourself

- Share knowledge about health, nutrition and fitness

- Lastly, remember you can always entertain your followers with humour and simply having fun

2. Pictures & Videos

Make sure your pictures and videos are in a good enough quality. Its getting easier to produce high quality pictures with applications like Pablo and Pixlr etc. Make sure you upload your video on YouTube or Vimeo (don't forget to add your MAKEACHAMP link into the description). Dont forget, good enough is better than perfect because sharing is better than not.

3. Write From Your <3

A good blog/update post comes from the heart. Your supporters are looking for a real and sincere update. Being real and sharing your feelings are key elements in grabbing the attention of your supporters. Whether you win or lose it is important to share more how you felt and what youve learned. You can get inspired by the following updates from David Ancor, Marissa Ponich, Nikola Girke & Luke Ramsay, Adam Froese, Yumi Bellali and others on our athlete page. Also don't forget to be grateful and to say thank your supporters - you are not alone on your athletic journey.

4. Writing Style

When crafting your post there are couple of things to keep in mind if you want to reach a lot of people. Here they are :
- A catchy title
- Spread out the paragraphs- large chunks of texts tend to scare people off
- Use subheadings and images to structure your posts
- Proofread - spelling and grammar mistakes turn people off
- Highlight important words or phrases to stand out

You can start crafting your valuable posts directly on your MAKEACHAMP fan page and send them via email to your supporters and publish them on social networks (so basically a newsletter and blogging platform all in one). I hope this blog has been valuable to you.

Please do leave me a comment below about what worked for you or your own tips for creating a valuable post :)

If you need any fundraising ideas for sports or any help with your team crowdfunding campaign, please don't hesitate to contact us.