Baseball is America’s favourite pastime, it has been for over 150 years! Why not keep this legacy strong by learning a few tips and tricks to properly support the baseball financially. Nowadays, coaches are facing the reality of the challenges they face when trying to develop their team. Uniforms, umpires, field rentals, transportation, insurance, the list goes on. Coaches now must turn more than ever to fundraising to try to alleviate the financial stresses of ensuring a quality season and memorable experience for their athletes.

Fundraising isn’t difficult, it simply requires a collective effort and continued dedication from all parties involved. A team or coach should never start a fundraiser without committing to it 100%. We encourage coaches and athletes to choose fundraising as a fun and easy way to grow as team and achieve new goals.

Celebrity Hitter

One of the most effective baseball fundraising ideas is to host a celebrity guest. Getting a well known baseball personality to come and speak at your local club or church is easier than you might think. Granted, if the personality is represented by an agent, the cost might be prohibitive. But there are many well known, retired players or coaches who are always willing to come and give a guest speech and sign autographs and other baseball memorabilia.

You can make money with a baseball celebrity by either asking for donations at the door, or charging an admission fee. As you can probably guess, a celebrity can provide the league with a sizable profit.

Faculty vs. Student Ball Game

This is a great fundraisers for schools to get the whole community involved. When the game pits teachers and students at your local school against each other, it’s sure to draw a crowd with a favorite in mind.

If you have a lot of students who want to play, you can always raffle off tickets for students to purchase for a chance to play in the game. The main money made from a student vs. teacher ball game fundraiser will come from selling tickets to attend the game.

Start advertising this game to the community as soon as the teams are picked, and get local businesses to sponsor the game with prizes and snacks in exchange for free advertising.

Little Leaguer T-ball Game

This type of fundraiser is cute when you get the little ones out on the baseball diamond. Everyone will want to see their tyke try to take a swing at the ball. Just be sure to schedule the game during an evening or weekend so you’re able to accommodate the highest number of participants. Ask sponsors to donate food and drinks that you can sell at the game to raise additional funds.

Home-run Contest

Everyone loves hitting baseballs as hard as they can. It sure lets off some steam, so a baseball hitting contest where you charge participants a fixed fee for a chance to hit three to five balls will surely be a money making home run!

This is a very easy fundraiser to organize at zero cost. Simply set up targets on the baseball field, and make it a challenge to see who can get closest to the target. You will need to provide a prize for the winner, but it can come from a local sponsor.

Round Robin Baseball Tourney

Round robin style tournaments are always a great way to generate interest from a lot of people. These tourneys are traditionally day-long events that draw big crowds. You can make money by having teams pay an entry fee. The more teams you are able to sign up, the more you’ll be able to raise.

Be sure to get the entire community involved, and ask local sponsors for food and beverage donations and set up concession stands the day of the game.

Pitching Contest

Like the home-run hitting contest, you can set up targets that participants can try pitching their baseballs through. The beauty of this fundraiser is that it doesn’t cost anything to organize it. Simply set targets up on your school field, and provide a prize, again, donated by a local sponsor, for the winning pitcher.

These fundraisers focus specifically on utilizing the baseball field as your money maker, try out other fundraising ideas for sports and let us know what works best! 

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