Are you a coach? Are you about to launch a MAKEACHAMP team campaign. The first thing you need to do is to gather all your athletes into a single room and brief them about what is going to be happening. As the coach you should try to motivate the athletes to put in the necessary effort. It is true that not all the athletes will participate but a good introduction can make it easier for those that do want to put the effort in. To make it easier for you to do this, here is what you need to say:

General Introduction to the campaign

Coach : "Hi everyone, we've decided to create an online fundraising campaign to help us raise funds for _____________ . I'll need your attention for the next couple of minutes to explain to you what you need to do! In the next couple of days/weeks you will receive your own link which will be and it will direct people to your campaign page. Your campaign page will have your picture/video... it will also have an amount that you need to raise funds and also a duration for you to hit that amount. You have ## days to reach $$$___ amount. Anyone that clicks on your link or visits your campaign can give you money if they have a credit card. Your campaign page will have different levels of contributions - 10$, 40$, 100$, 200$ - for every level of contribution, we'll be sending the contributor a small gift. It might be a card, a jersey or something else. All your campaigns will be connected on the team page where we will see how much each of you raised and also we'll see the total amount that we've all raised together."



Action Steps : 

Coach : "In order for this to succeed, all of us will have to work hard and put in effort. Here are some things that you MUST do :

  1. Share the link with your parents - tell them how important this campaign is and let them share the link with their colleagues.
  2. Share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram
  3. Thank all the people that contributed! This is very important - here is how to do that properly :"


Note for the coach : If you have a Facebook page for your team, here is how you can use it to promote your campaign : If you have any questions regarding creating a Team campaign on MAKEACHAMP please contact us at