Sports fundraising ideas come in many shapes and sizes. Some take a lot of preparation and raise a lot of money. Some take nearly no time and still raise a lot of money. Fundraising for your sports team can almost be a full time job and the coach definitely does not have enough time for that.

To help your sports team raise more funds quickly and efficiently we went through all the sports fundraising ideas online and we came up with some of the following:

Idea 1: Sport Team crowdfunding

Sports fundraising idea score - 8/10 (we're biased)

Team crowdfunding is slightly different than regular crowdfunding. In a regular crowdfunding campaign such as one on GoFundMe, the team has a single page and it's usually the coach who does most of the promotion. For many reasons such a crowdfunding campaign simply does not work. A team crowdfunding campaign such as one on TeamBoost, allows EACH player to have their own crowdfunding page. EACH player will have THEIR OWN community of supporters contributing. The funds collected by each player will be funnelled to the MAIN team campaign.

Team crowdfunding is a fast, easy and effective way to fundraise. A crowdfunding page for your team is free to set up and also it requires ZERO investment. You do not sell ANYTHING when you're crowdfunding. This is why many teams like University of Quebec's Cheerleading are raising thousands of dollars in days.

Idea 2: Sports Team fundraising Event

Sports fundraising idea score - 6/10

An event is a great way to raise funds for your sports team. You can invite as many people as your venue can hold. You can raise money for your sports team by selling tickets, having a live auction as well as charging people for food and other items.

The good thing about an event is you can use a team crowdfunding campaign to not only sell more tickets online but raise more awareness about your event. 

If you would like to have a page dedicated for selling tickets please don't hesitate to contact us at .

Idea 3: Sports teamfundraising Fund-a-thons

Sports fundraising idea score - 7/10

A fund-a-thon is a great sports fundraising ideas because it is a competition between individual athletes. It is very simple to be done. As a coach you have to set the price for a certain action or performance that the players have to accomplish. Then the players are required to collect as many "sponsors" as possible. Finally they will require the fulfill the number of performances they've acquired through fundraising. For example, if 50$ is a single lap and I have collected 4 sponsors and a total of 200$, I will have to swim 4 laps. This is a fund-a-athon and it is a great way for athletes to get active, compete and furthermore get more money.

Idea 4: Sports team fundraising Team dinners

Sports fundraising idea score - 7/10

Sports fundraising through team dinners is always a delicious way for teams to raise money for their sports expenses. There are many restaurants that will help by giving back a portion of their earnings. As a coach or organizer all you have to do is make sure that the restaurant will be available to host a large group of people. Below is a list of restaurants that will welcome you with open hands.

- Boston Pizza Fundraising for Sports Teams

- Pizza Hut dinner

- Chili's Dinner

- Friendly's -FUNdraising dinner for teams

- Max and Erma's

- Panda Express

- Panera Bread

- Pizza Uno

- California Pizza Kitchen

- TGIF fundraiser

Idea 5: Auctions

Sports fundraising idea score - 5/10

An auction is a great fundraising idea for a sports team. However, in order to make them happen, it requires a bit more of an investment. This because you have to somehow acquire the items that you are looking to auction off. Luckily there are a variety of auction that you can do such as service auction, silent auction, online auction and even a raffle ticket sell off. You can learn more about auctions here.

Also you can have an auction directly on your TeamBoost page. The other great thing about auctions is that you can get items donated from professional sports clubs. Below is a list of directions on how to find the donation request form from each professional sports league.

- Major League Baseball (MLB) – Select your local team, click on “Community” tab, then select “Fundraising & Giving”, then select “In-Kind Donation Requests”.

- National Basketball Association (NBA) – Select your local team, click on “Community” tab, then click on “Donation Requests”.

- National Football League (NFL) – Pick your team from the logo list across the top, then click on the “Community” tab, then click on “Donations”, then select “Merchandise”.

- National Hockey League (NHL) – Select your hockey team, click on “Community” tab, then click on “Donations”.

By Sport Fundraising Ideas:

Every sport is different. Every sport has their own fundraisers and tricks that work within that sport.

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Thank you for taking the time to look through our post on sports fundraising ideas. We really hope that you can take and apply these sports fundraising ideas to your fundraising efforts.