Have you set up your TeamBoost team crowdfunding campaign? If yes, your team is now ready to launch. If not, make sure all the team-members have created their campaigns and they are ready to start raising funds!

Here are some ways to increase the chances of success for your team crowdfunding campaign.

1. Team-members have to get their family on board

Each athlete has to let their family members know about the campaign. These family members have to be ready to contribute as well as share the campaign. This is important because the campaign is more likely to succeed if it already has support behind it.

2. Work as a team online

The athletes should help each other by sharing and liking each others social media posts. This will help the campaign get more exposure and as a result, more contributions!

3. Give public shout-outs

As soon as an athlete gets a contribution from anyone in their circle they should try to give a public shout-out to that individual. This is the most important part of the campaign. It is the responsibility of the coach to let the team members know that this is what they have to do.

If you need any fundraising ideas for sports or any help with your team crowdfunding campaign, please don't hesitate to contact us.