Here at TeamBoost we try to assist coaches, athletes and parents on the simplicity of discovering and initiating the perfect fundraising idea. The following is a guideline on how to properly execute and maintain a volleyball fundraising idea without facing too many obstacles. It is important to not be afraid of pursuing a volleyball fundraising idea, you simply need to be informed on how to pursue it the right way. Let us help.

1. Think about Your Fundraising Product/Service Needs

  • Is the product/service of top quality? There are lots of people that will gladly contribute to a good cause but an awesome product is a fantastic motivation. Selling an item that everybody loves will make sure your cause is kept in mind and often your supporters are going to be asking you when the following fundraiser might be! If you sell high quality fundraising items, you will guarantee happy supporters that will order from your Volleyball team again.

  • Can it offer an ideal earnings level? As pointed out above, great products can easily make a beneficial change to your fundraising activities, however when they don’t generate a profit for one's Volleyball team they aren’t of any benefit to you. Make sure that all of your dedication is a good idea by selling something that yields a minimum of 40% profit for your team. More money stands for even more time on the court!

  • Is there an ideal price point? Nearly every community is different - their price tolerance for a fundraiser product may vary between $1 to $20 - ensure the product you’re providing is listed affordably for the local community.

  • Is there a high demand? Take note of your area. You will need to sell a product people really want. Follow this straightforward tip and it will enhance your fundraising sales immensely. What’s as good as an item which markets itself?

2. Round up and Boost Your Volleyball Team

When you have selected a fundraising product/service that you'll have belief in, you're all set to teach your team, often both players and parents, to hit the pavement. Getting together with people and being able to explain your goals is critical for sales success. Be certain everybody knows what your financial goals are and what the money is going to be used for. Below are some tricks for serious sales:

  • Think of giving each seller their own private ‘account’, so they’re exclusively recognized for the funds they individually raised.

  • Challenge your team with awards for quickest / biggest sales.

  • Split into teams and praise a winner for top sales.

  • Publicly commend your team for a truly good job.

  • Remind them to have fun with the fundraiser.

3. Think of Communication

  • Volunteers and players need to understand the number of goods you expect them to supply to help you reach your Volleyball team’s end goal.

  • Volunteers should be aware of for what reason they may be fundraising and where the revenue may go - e.g. We require an additional $2k for bus rentals for the rest of the away games this season.

  • Supply volunteers with the appropriate pitch inside of a letter. It must include a listing of your fundraiser product features and benefits, plus the objective of your fundraiser, so that they can appropriately get the word out and bring in sales among friends, neighbors and acquaintances easily.

  • Employ social networking regularly to get the word out with regards to your fundraiser to parents and friends to make sure the word can extend further with a click of a button.

  • Ensure that a big “Thanks!” goes out to all parents, supporters and volunteers just after the fundraiser. It’s an awesome thing for them to unite under your cause so make sure they are cognizant how much you recognize their effort and time!

4. Volleyball Fundraising Safety

Volleyball Fundraising is certainly a positive project that’s liable to bring the very best out of people in your city however that doesn’t mean your members shouldn’t do things in a secure fashion. Follow these steps to make sure that your team stays protected and safe while you’re reaching your fundraiser ambitions:

  • Young children should be side-by-side adults when going door-to-door.

  • Teenagers of an older age should utilize the buddy system making sure to have no fewer than 2 players traveling together.

  • Do not go into the residence of total strangers when going house-to-house. Fundraising activities should take place outside the door step, several feet from the door to be certain neighbors and passersby have a clear view.

  • Do not keep huge amounts of money currency. Have volunteers store cash in a safe and secure spot on a regular basis to guarantee they're not holding a lot when going door-to-door.

Here are a few examples of fundraisers you can test out!

1. The Game Fundraiser.

Fundraising for your volleyball team can happen at every home game. It can be a passive process as well. All you need to do is decorate some containers in your team colors and place them around the gym where you play. Make sure people understand that donations are going directly to meet team needs. To avoid the “sticky finger” syndrome, consider using containers like old water bottles or sealed buckets that have a money slot so theft temptations are reduced.

2. The Matching Funds Fundraiser.

Many businesses want to get involved with good local causes, but they also need it to be of some value to them. A matching funds fundraiser will naturally provide a business with a higher level of local brand recognition. Have the business match funds up to a certain amount for a specific fundraiser or for what gets donated during a game and make sure that this fact is being promoted. People will donate more because they know their dollars are being matched and the local business gets to be at the top of their targeted demographic’s minds. That’s a win/win situation for everyone.

3. The Skills Contest Fundraiser.

Having a volleyball skills contest isn’t that unusual. Former alumni compete with the current team to see who’s got the best digging and killing skills. Don’t limit yourself to sport-based skills. Have contests that will name the best supporter, the best parents, or whatever category makes sense for your team. Of course having a service ace contest makes sense – just compliment your fundraiser by offering other challenges so that more people get involved and donate money.

4. The Volleyball Camp Fundraiser.

Parents are always looking for ways to occupy their children during the summer months when school is out. Hosting a volleyball camp will not only prepare children with the skills they’ll need to one day play on your volleyball team, but it’s an easy way to raise a lot of money in a short amount of time. If your teams hosts a 5 day volleyball camp at $50 per child and you get 70 kids attending the camp, then you’ve just cleared $3,500 for a week’s worth of volunteer work that benefits you now and in the future.

5. The Best Seat Fundraiser.

Check with local thrift stores for a sofa or recliner that can be placed at your gym during your game. Then create a raffle around this item so that people can have a season ticket for the most comfortable seat available to watch your matches. Further entice raffle purchases by offering free food and beverages at each match for this seat. You can host this raffle 30-60 days before your first game to start building awareness for your team as well, building up excitement and better attendance in the process.

6. The Rivalry Games Fundraiser.

Let volleyball become the way to settle community debates or determine who has superior skills. Talk to businesses about challenging each other through volleyball and arrange matches through donations to the team. The winner gets bragging rights. This fundraiser could even be designed to be an ongoing seasonal tournament that your team manages if you have your own facilities to use.

There are thousands of fundraisers you can attempt, simply remember to follow guidelines and techniques to assuring your fundraising can be successful.

Thank you for taking the time to read our volleyball fundraising blog. If you want more fundraising ideas for sports I suggest checking out our blog post.

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