Hockey Team Sponsorship and Fundraising

Traditional Hockey Team Sponsorship  Hockey team sponsorships offer investors multiple marketing opportunities to expand promotion and reach a large audience of people. The sport of hockey takes place in an arena. Many arena facilities contribute to the marketing of the hockey team as a viable way to promote business and to expand exposure.

Basketball Team Sponsorship and Fundraising

Traditional Basketball Sponsorship Basketball is a sport observed, played and loved by millions of people. Pro basketball players are often admired for the athletic abilities as well as their personalities and their influence on young people. College basketball players are also admired for their strengths in their sport and have a major impact with their fans. Women's National Basketball Association is a growing force in basketball and it's fan base is increasing with each completed season. Basketball leagues exist in small towns due to the enthusiasm people have for the sport. Both professional basketball such as the NBA, WMBA and...

Baseball Team Sponsorship

Traditional Baseball Sponsorship Baseball sponsors may sponsor entire teams of baseball players or, in the case of demonstrated talent, sponsor one player to emphasize and promote the particular baseball team and its attributes. This exposure promotes the team but also promotes the sponsor and its product. Any professional baseball player who appears promoting a particular product benefits from making additional money from sponsorship. This athlete also reaches a diverse demographic for the promotion and monetary gain of the corporation who sponsors that particular player. For baseball teams that are not professional but are league based and in need of funding,...

How To Create A Crowdfunding Campaign for My Team

MAKEACHAMP's platform allows teams to leverage the power of crowdfunding for their fundraising needs such as travel, equipment and others. University of Quebec's Cheerleading team raised 15,000$ in three days for their trip to the USA ( The Univesity of Laval Men's Volleyball raise more than 12,000$ in less than a week ( Montreal’s Cegep André Laurendeau ( was raising 50,000$ for 11 of their sports teams. You can also join this success and raise the funds you need and here we'll outline the necessary steps to create your TEAM CAMPAIGN.