Fundraising can be challenging, it usually is, we understand. With limited resources, you have to put together a fundraiser that is simple, easy and one that can raise a lot of money. There are endless opportunities to raise money with football fundraisers. We've also put together a list of fundraising ideas for sports in general. However, for specific football fundraisers, this is the right place.

Fundraising should not be limited to traditional ideas. Instead, football teams and leagues can benefit from many easy opportunities.

The key is to benefit from attendees and keep the fundraising spirit alive. Think of ways that you can sell products or generate money in a fun and friendly approach.

Inform yourself if your team is receiving proceeds from businesses operating at football games. Then find the window of opportunity to sell or offer a good/service that is missing at each game. The market is the families that attend and spectators that enjoy a friendly football game. The organizational tools are available, it's up to you to implement them. You can always set up a football fundraiser - an online crowdfunding campaign for your team with TeamBoost. There is no selling or start up costs.

Here are a few examples of easy and profitable football fundraisers.

1. Create a calendar. Print a calendar with team photos and sell at games.

2. Sports night out. Is there a local restaurant in town that would partner with your team for a sports night? A set percentage of the profits from that night will go back to your team. The local restaurant benefits from getting an influx of loyal players and fans that want to support their team.

3. Auction. Get donated items from local businesses and auction off at a dinner, a dessert, or even a halftime of a sports event.

4. Coordinate a booth. Sell items at local basketball tournaments or big events, like water bottles, face-painting, sports drinks, etc. You can coordinate your rotating volunteer schedule via an online sign up, so parents or youth know when it’s their turn to help!

5. Marketing for local businesses. If your field is surrounded by chain link fence, sell billboard space to local businesses. Charge a set price for the entire year if it’s a multi-purpose field.

6. Ask for corporate sponsorship. Ask them to donate $250 and in return, they get their logo and link on the team website and a plaque at the end of the season.

7. Vendor outsourcing. Sell the right to concessions to a local coffee store on game day. Get Starbucks or another franchise to have a small stand at your event and give you a cut from the profits.

8. Money made in the shades. Sell custom sunglasses with your team's color and logo.

9. Scrimmage. Have players invite supportive teachers, parents or community members to play against them. Each participant would have a fundraising goal to reach by selling tickets to the event or getting sponsors.

10. Temporary Tattoos. Kids love to wear temporary tattoos, a great way to show team spirit.

The ideas are endless, you just need to find one that works. The information and tools are available at your disposal.

Get organized and start fundraising!

Thank you for taking the time to read our football fundraisers blog. If you want more fundraising ideas for sports I suggest checking out our blog post.

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