Did you know Youtube was the second search engine in the world, just after Google?

And why are Hollywood production companies putting so much time on crafting trailers?

Videos express in a few seconds what text or pictures express in much more space. They are also more appealing, regardless of race, religion or culture. They motivate a crowd into action.

In crowdfunding, statistics prove campaigns with video bring 120% more contributions than those without. Can you afford not to add a video?

The following video grabbed the attention of Ese Omene's friends with interesting visuals, as well as simple words about her funding:

There is also another reason are appealing : journalists and press are much more likely to cover your campaign. A video with your goal and featuring your athletic abilities helps them understand who you are.

Now, a crowdfunding video sounds like you need a video team, and expensive hardware and software. Ese Omene was lucky to get the help of university friends. However here is a guide on how to produce a good crowdfunding for free.

Step 1: The Script

Sit down for 15mn. A crowdfunding video's goal is to convince viewers to contribute, by sharing your story.

The style of your video should be similar to how you would tell a story to a friend. Imagine you invite one of your friend to a coffee shop to convince him to give you funding. What words would you use? 

At this point, it is important to focus on what words you choose and how you say it, and not worry about grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. We also recommend the script in your mother tongue and add subtitles in the video later. 


PRO Tip : Make each sentence simple, concrete and credible. 

You can present your objective in the form of a story. People like stories and more likely to tell it to friends in the form of a story. Here's a simple structure :

GREETINGS : Introduce yourself and your recent achievement(s)

"Hi, my name is __, and I am a __. __ has been part of my life for __ years and I have been on the podium at the __"

GOAL : Present your main athletic goal, such as a podium at a world championship

"My dream is to __ at the __. It will be a chance for me to represent __ and compete with __ athletes from all over __ "

EFFORT : Share all the efforts and investment you are undertaking to be best prepared

"I am training __ times a week. My coach is __ and we are working on __. I also need __ (equipement, sports science, nutrition), and my competition fees are __ "

PROBLEM : Share the budget and the lack of funds

"The total required to reach the goal is __. I have been able to gather __ which means I need to raise __ in order to cover costs"

SUPPORT : Explain how the support can make a difference, and how the financial support will be used

"Your contribution will go directly in covering the costs and help me represent __ at __ . I will be always grateful for your help. 

If you cannot contribute, please share the campaign with your friends and family."

When you are happy, share the draft script with a few trusted friends and listen to their feedback. You can add their suggestions, however make sure your script stays simple and true to yourself.

Step 2: The Recording

You don't need professional video equipment for a crowdfunding video, however make the best of what you have.

A friend's iPhone 6 or an Android is enough. Plus you can also get him to hold it for you!

The location should respect the following:


Being in a dojo, gym or a familiar location to your sport makes your video more credible and authentic. 


The audio is much more important than video. You can have amazing visuals however everyone will dislike it if they cannot hear what you are saying! 


Position yourself so that your face, especially eyes, are clearly lighted and visible.

When recording, remember to smile. Funny is memorable! If you can, also do a technique or do something unexpected! It will bring warmth and a smile in viewers' hearts.

Play back the video and listen with headsets if the audio is clear or if you have to record another take. 


PRO Tip : get closer to the phone or recording device if it is not loud enough


Step 3: The Editing

Put together your media folder which includes:

·    The recorded video above

·    3-5 High quality action pictures

·    2-3 Action videos

·    A music track 


PRO Tip : if you don't have a music track, you can go to the Vimeo music store. It is a high quality library of free and paid-for music used by filmmakers and professional video producers


Ideally, try to find a friend or someone who has experience editing and is willing to help you out. You can put your media folder on a USB key and hand it over to your friend to edit. If you cannot find someone, no need to worry, it is not difficult to edit the video yourself. Plus editing videos is always a good skill to have. Here is a brief guide on how to edit your video:

·    Open up an editing program such as iMovie on mac or Windows Movie Maker

·    Upload your media folder into the program

·    Fade in with an action video or picture

·    Add on top the title of your campaign with your name and sport

·    Transition to the scripted words you recorded before

·    Add action videos or pictures on top to add energy and showcase yourself

·    Finish with a ‘thank you’ and the link to the crowdfunding campaign

Step 4: Publishing

Congrats, you’ve finished editing your video. Hopefully it is in the 1:15 - 2:00 minute range. Upload the clip to YouTube or Vimeo and make sure that it's public.

If your mother tongue is not english, we recommend speaking in your native language and adding english subtitles to your video, or vice versa. To do so, follow the instructions on youtube, here, or on Vimeo, here.

Here's a good example of using subtitles:

Once this is all completed, take the video URL and paste it into your MAKEACHAMP campaign.

Promoting your video is also important : pick a catchy title, and add the keywords relevant to your sport in the description. Be also sure to add a link to your MAKEACHAMP campaign. You can share the video on Twitter and facebook and tag your friends so they can view it.

With the detailed process, you can get a crowdfunding video in one weekend and be ready to crowdfund! Questions? Let us know via the comments section below.