For many people, basketball is more than a sport, it's a way of life. Here at TeamBoost, we understand the importance of creating opportunities for individuals of all ages to continue to enjoy a sport they love. Like any other sport, there are costs and fees that are inevitable in order to participate in leagues, tournaments, travel, acquire proper equipment, etc...

The term fundraising can throw off some people. When it comes to basketball fundraising ideas, we need to think of new, innovative and fun ways to raise money.

We came up with some original basketball fundraising ideas, give them a try!


1. Change the score

Gather all members of your team, and pledge fundraising goal for a specific cause. Ask parents, relatives, community members, local businesses, etc... to support your team for this cause. Pick a date where there can be a big turnout at one of your matches, and promote the date as a fundraising backed game.

Now, you have several ways to raise money at this game. First of all, emphasize that all proceeds will go to a cause for the team, and to your discretion you can choose to donate to a charity if you reach your expected goal and have extra funds. Figure out a formula where it makes it easy to put a price on each basket scored. Try to get a sponsor (bank or business) to donate these funds (it will make it easier to reach your goal).

If you are able to get a corporate sponsor, this fundraising idea will be easy to execute. Fear not if you can't find one, there are other fundraisers that you can try.

2. Parent-Student Tournaments

A parent-student basketball game is a fun, single-day activity. Invite parents and teachers to play against the students, perhaps breaking it up by grade level (4th graders play against 4th grade parents and teachers). Ask for donations at the door, sell concessions, and have a raffle for donated gifts.

3. Basketball Marathon

Basketball teams agree to play for 24 hours straight. Team members get pledges for every hour they play in the game and/or flat rate pledges for successfully competing for 24 hours. Qualify what is meant by competing (in the game playing or on the bench awake for all but whatever number of hours allowed for sleeping). Teams would rotate sleepers and players.

Organize donations of food for three meals, plenty of nutritious snacks, and drinks. These types of events can usually gain good publicity, which would encourage companies to sponsor the event, which may help with the food and/or fundraising.

This type of an event is also particularly effective when two teams from rival schools compete against each other. The rivalry provides motivation to play high quality basketball despite fatigue in an effort to beat their opponents. It also helps with recruiting spectators for the event; people are more apt to come to an event to root for “their” team. Have ongoing raffles (auction off something every hour, saving the best for the last hour), concessions, sell merchandise, and receive donations from spectators throughout the event.

4. Change 4 Change

Collect people’s pocket change as they enter the door for a basketball game. This is a simple way to earn some money for shipping shoe costs. May not be the highest grossing of fundraisers but it’s a great way to increase awareness.

5. Lay-up/Free-throw/Dribble-marathon

Pick any or all three, and students or team members ask for funding pledges for every Lay-up/Free-throw/Dribble. It's easy, simply and fun for everyone. Try to twist up the rules a little, have parents, coaches, family involved as well, or make teams. This can be a team competition – which team can raise the most money? Have different prizes for different categories: best free-throw percentage, most free-throws made consecutively, most money raised by single person, by group, etc.

Create fundraisers that don't require many resources and can be easily achieved through the means you already have. 

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Thank you for reading and give us feedback on the successes of your fundraiser!