Athlete Nutrition On The Road

I had an incredible start to my the 2015 year. I’ve had the opportunity to represent Canada at 7 world cups in the past 3 months on my road to Rio 2016. Starting the journey in Tunisia, Africa then visiting France, Belgium, Poland and Bulgaria. The going over to South America to compete in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. As amazing as it was, it did come with its challenges : making weight every single weekend without an access to a kitchen.   Making weight meant I had to lose 3-5kg to step on a scale on Friday night weighing less...

Making a Crowdfunding Video with Zero Budget

Did you know Youtube was the second search engine in the world, just after Google? And why are Hollywood production companies putting so much time on crafting trailers? Videos express in a few seconds what text or pictures express in much more space. They are also more appealing, regardless of race, religion or culture. They motivate a crowd into action. In crowdfunding, statistics prove campaigns with video bring 120% more contributions than those without. Can you afford not to add a video? The following video grabbed the attention of Ese Omene's friends with interesting visuals, as well as simple words...

How To Create A Crowdfunding Campaign for My Team

MAKEACHAMP's platform allows teams to leverage the power of crowdfunding for their fundraising needs such as travel, equipment and others. University of Quebec's Cheerleading team raised 15,000$ in three days for their trip to the USA ( The Univesity of Laval Men's Volleyball raise more than 12,000$ in less than a week ( Montreal’s Cegep André Laurendeau ( was raising 50,000$ for 11 of their sports teams. You can also join this success and raise the funds you need and here we'll outline the necessary steps to create your TEAM CAMPAIGN.  

Coach's Rant - rally up your athletes for the MAKEACHAMP campaign

Are you a coach? Are you about to launch a MAKEACHAMP team campaign. The first thing you need to do is to gather all your athletes into a single room and brief them about what is going to be happening. As the coach you should try to motivate the athletes to put in the necessary effort. It is true that not all the athletes will participate but a good introduction can make it easier for those that do want to put the effort in. To make it easier for you to do this, here is what you need to say: