Sharing Your MAKEACHAMP Campaign Online

Congrats, you’ve successfully built and launched your campaign. The next stage of your MAKEACHAMP campaign is to share it - the success of your campaign rests on your ability to leverage the power of social networks. We’ve done our research and collected 10 of the most effective ways to spread you MAKEACHAMP campaign online. And here they are:

How to choose a realistic goal?

Here we’ll walk you through a procedure you can use to set a realistic goal for your campaign. Step 1: Calculate your budget This may require some research on your part, but it is critical for you to be precise with how much money you need. You can do this by listing out all your costs or expenses. Examples can be travel tickets, hotel, meals, taxi/bus, medical bills, training and equipment cost.

The four circles of your MAKEACHAMP campaign

We've analyzed thousands of campaigns and have broken down the campaign into 4 circles - family and close friends, colleagues/teammates, friends of friends and the crowd.  Here we'll walk you through a procedure you can use to spread your campaign from your close friends all the way to the crowd. Here is a quick video with a write up below:       1st circle - Family and close friends You'd be surprised how little your close friends and family are aware of your aspirations. The first thing that you have to do is to reveal to your family members...

Writing a Campaign Description

A campaign description should be informative and captivating. But most importantly it should describe in a transparent manner what the funds will be used for. Here we'll walk you through a campaign description, part by part and also include an example.    Start with your athletic career    At the beginning of the campaign description, give us some basic details about your life, your sport and career. Here is an example: “Hey everyone, my name is David. I am 21 years old and I have been doing judo since the age of 5. I started in Toronto and currently train with...